"Courageous And Very Dedicated To Getting Things Done Right"

"It has been my good fortune to work with Michelle for more than four years. I have known her to be courageous and very dedicated to getting things right. She is willing to listen and provide answers to all people on a wide variety of issues. She maintains civility even in times of disagreement. I have seen her study issues in depth to be prepared to make the very best decisions possible."

Keith C. Rittel

Superintendent, Provo City School District

"Serving Is What Michelle Does"

"Serving is what Michelle does. My husband calls her a ‘servant-leader.’ She sees a need, figures out what needs to be done, and then does it, no matter the obstacles. And she does it without ruffling feathers. She preserves relationships, even with those who see things differently. That’s a rare talent."

Liz Paxman

Provo Resident, Educator

"We Admire Her Work Ethic, Enthusiasm, And Optimism"

"We’ve known Michelle Kaufusi for over 15 years. We appreciate her sincere and genuine concern for our community. We admire her work ethic, enthusiasm, and optimism. We are impressed with how she models continuous improvement and lifelong learning. We think her humility is an asset – allowing her to listen to input and advice as well as enabling her to work with those who may not agree with her positions. She is a wonderful person, friend and leader."

Stephen and Jeri Covey

Provo Residents

"She Is Personable, Energetic, And Caring"

"I’ve known and admired Michelle Kaufusi for years. She is someone who has dedicated herself to improving many areas of our community. Michelle’s experience as President of the Provo School Board is one example of her excellent leadership capacity. She is personable, energetic, and caring. When she recognizes a need, she problem solves for a solution and reaches out to all involved to implement it. Provo would be fortunate to have her as our mayor."

Gayle M. Chandler

"She Is An 'Action Verb' With A 'Can Do' Persona"

"I met Michelle 2 years ago as a member of the Provo Community Advisory Board. I speak from my experience as an army officer who has lived and supervised in many parts of the world among many different people; I know leadership. Michelle not only impresses with her sincerity, commitment to the people, and strong voice in support of her community, she is an 'action verb' with a 'can do' persona. I have watched her lead at the school board where she meets challenges 'head on' and brings the members along cohesively; she is concerned for us all. Her legacy as a leader will be her gift to the community's core. This is who Michelle is and this is who Provo deserves as their Mayor."

Dianne McAdams-Jones

"Michelle Can Speak And Relate To All Aspects Of Our Community"

"Cynthia and I have known Michelle for several years. We have been so impressed with her high emotional intelligence, strong work ethic, and ability to truly listen to the various viewpoints of everyone around her. With the increasing social, cultural, and economic diversity in Provo, Michelle can speak and related to all aspects of our community. She has impeccable character and when you ask anyone in the community about Michelle - they will say they like her and they trust her. I believe Michelle will be a tremendous leader to represent Provo City as a Mayor. She has a proven track record of success, consensus building, listening, and a strong vision while working on the Provo City School District Board."

Michael and Cynthia Simpson

"Michelle Has A Great Vision Of The Future And Is A True Leader"

"Michelle has been a joy to work with on the school board. She is positive and optimistic and has a great “can do” attitude which is much needed in public service. Michelle does not shy from problems nor conflict. I have seen her recognize and face problems with skill and understanding and has been tremendously effective at finding solutions. I admire her understanding of complex issues. Michelle has a great vision of the future and is a true leader. I fully support and endorse her for Mayor of Provo and believe we as citizens will be well served by Michelle as Mayor. Please join me in supporting Michelle for Mayor."

Taz Murray

"She Is Thorough And Resourceful"

"It was our pleasure to work with Michelle on the proposition to rebuild 5 Provo schools. Julia Doxey also worked with Michelle extensively last year as PTA President of Edgemont Elementary. Michelle is a proven, engaging leader who knows how to get things done through other people. This is an invaluable asset that will serve her well as Mayor of Provo.
She is thorough and resourceful. One day as we were discussing the the new Edgemont Elementary, she was trying to envision how the footprint and height of the building would affect nearby neighbors. She said, "Its's going to be really important to go talk to them and get their input. Maybe I could get some helium filled balloons on a long string and walk out there for us all to make sure it does not block views. We have to get this exactly right. We will want to consider anything we might find with the school board." Michelle is wonderful to work with and has our endorsement."

Julia and Dan Doxey, Provo

"Michelle she has displayed excellent Leadership skills"

"I met Michelle over a year ago when my family and I moved from California to Utah for work, as you can imagine that takes some adjusting. Michelle was one of the first people I had the pleasure of meeting. She was very relatable and I immediately connected with her despite our very different cultural backgrounds. While becoming more acquainted with Michelle she has displayed excellent Leadership skills, sound judgement and always has great enthusiasm. I admire her caring and commitment to the City of Provo and I know she will make a great Mayor. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication Michelle!"

Brittany Gilford