Fact Checking the “Fact Checkers”

You many have read an article in the Daily Herald this week. I clarified my responses to them.

Let me set the record straight – – directly from me.

Margin of victory, total spent:

The number that came to mind during an interview was $2,000 (Disclosure)    which was one of the disclosures we filed. But the fact is that we ran a grassroots campaign in which we were outspent by the incumbent. I knew it was going to be tough to win and super close, so to me winning by 3% seemed pretty good. I guess it’s all in how you look at it.

In the end we did a great job against a better-funded incumbent and we won. I learned a lot running that campaign from my kitchen table with a friend. I was really proud of the effort we put in as a team.

https://soundcloud.com/what-say-ye – Listen at 4:21

Neighborhood Chair

I realize that in Provo this is a specific title, and I certainly wasn’t referring to that. When they called me to help with the bond campaign, they asked me to chair our neighborhood effort on the rec center bond and I agreed to do it. That is what I said at the Meet the Candidate event, you can watch the video below (0:19). And we had a really successful effort. It was hard work, but it was fun and I was happy we won. I think it gave me a real taste of community action and how our city works.

Google Fiber

It’s funny how easy it is to go back and pick things apart. When the city approached me about Google Fiber, we were told that the School Board’s agreement was vital to the project succeeding. I had to sign a confidentiality agreement and negotiated on behalf of the school district. I’m proud of our part in it, and I think most people are pretty glad we were able to make it happen. I think the result is the thing that matters. It was a fun day to speak and to celebrate Provo during the Epic Announcement.


Partnership with the city

Maybe some people don’t really understand how the relationship between the city and the school district really works. Formal meetings are one thing, but as in so many cases, it’s the meetings in between where a lot of work gets done. Having the city and the district working together to make things work smoothly does not happen with just a quarterly meeting – it is an ongoing process that happens day to day. I don’t mean voting or making final decisions, I mean just the ongoing productive dialogue between two organizations that makes for success. I’m really proud about how we’ve worked with the city. It’s been a very positive, productive partnership.