We have to balance growth with preserving our unique neighborhoods and protecting agricultural lands.

I will use balance and wisdom in all of my decisions.


“I believe in budgets. I want other people to believe in them. I have a small one to run my own home; and besides that, I am the head of the organization that makes the greatest of all budgets, that of the United States government.”  – President Calvin Coolidge

It’s hard to argue with President Coolidge’s logic, particularly his comparison of a government’s budget to that of a small household budget. I believe if government leaders approached budgets and spending money as if they were their own, we would avoid many government pitfalls. At home we strive to control our expenses, why wouldn’t the same be expected from our government?

I’ve had the chance to work on several budgets as a member of various leadership teams and organizations. I have always approached the handling of those budgets as a sacred trust. It was, after all, NOT my money and deserved a higher level of respect. Serving on the Provo School Board allowed me to model that approach of budgeting – and this is exactly how I would look at Provo City’s budget.

We have to plan for the future because there are many predetermined expenses; however, we should also have a healthy reserve for unexpected expenses. We have seen those rainy days and must always be prepared for them. I also expect projects to come back on or under budget. I will hold departments accountable. I propose a Citizen’s Budget Advisory Board to meet with each department to review budgets, look for waste and find areas for improvement.

Economic Development

When Provo businesses succeed, we all succeed.

We need to maintain a vibrant economy in Provo and ensure that businesses stay in Provo. With the population growth anticipated in Provo, we need to ensure we’ll always have quality jobs here–for us and for our children and grandchildren.

As mayor, I’ll work diligently to minimize regulations on business. In my first 100 days, I’ll create an Economic Development Taskforce comprised of business leaders and small business owners to review regulations and make recommendations aimed at helping Provo’s business community thrive.

Public Safety

Provo City has the best police and fire departments in the country. I am so grateful for their service.

I have the honor of serving on the Citizens Advisory Board, Communities That Care, and the Safety Committee for Provo School District.  This has given me the opportunity to work closely with Chief King and many of our officers.

We must provide these heroes the resources they need to keep us safe.  


Provo is open for business. Our retail sector is often overlooked. As Mayor I will shout from the rooftops that we are a wonderful place to set up shop.

Provo has a great story. We are a vibrant community with so many unique retail locations. But we have to remember that it isn’t just downtown – it is from the mouth of Provo Canyon to Springville, the mountains to the Lake. We need every section of the city to do well.

We need a grocery store west of I-15. I have already met with various grocery store owners about what it would take, and as Mayor this will be a top priority. We shouldn’t send business to Orem or Springville.

When I am Mayor I will bring together recent retail owners and ask them why they came to Provo and learn more about their experiences in setting up shop. We need to know the hurdles they faced and if it can be streamlined. But, we can’t just want to attract retail – we need to keep retail in Provo.

I have been meeting with many of our retail business owners or potential owners. I will continue these discussions and include them in city decisions, because it isn’t just attracting new retail but keeping what we already have in Provo.

I want to promote our strong local economy and work with individual retailers on a case by case basis to determine what would be the best for both them as a business but also so the Provo taxpayers are treated fairly as well.

As a community we need to support our local businesses. I love shopping in the Provo Town Center Mall, the Riverwoods, and downtown. I’m looking forward to the retail coming into The Mix.

Parking is an issue in downtown and I look forward to the work of the parking administrator. We need a solution that works in that area of town. There are many options on the table from parking meters, smart parking solutions, and building parking structures – but the key is that the downtown business owners will be involved in that discussion. We are a stronger community when we work together.

As Mayor I will partner with the Chamber of Commerce and Provo Economic Development to promote these retail establishments – new and old.

At the end of my first term you will see a vibrant retail and business community in all of Provo.

Provo's West Side

I am keenly aware that Provo’s west-side moment is now. Much of how the west side of Provo will look in 20-30 years will be determined in the next four years. It is crucial we get this right! The challenge, and my goal, is to balance the desire for open space, trails, parks, and development.

The west side has so much potential and wonderful amenities. I love the Provo River Trail, the many parks, and Utah Lake. The lake is one of our best kept secrets in Provo! We have to respect this treasure; it is a vital part of our quality of life and I fully support the efforts and momentum surrounding the improvement of the lake right now.

We need a grocery store on the West side. This is one of my top priorities. No one should have to go to Orem or Springville to shop for groceries. I have met with several grocers and I know there is a desire to get this done. I believe as we begin to see more rooftops appear on the west side we will see these types of businesses become more serious about locating there. I will do all I can to facilitate the discussion to ensure we get the right types of businesses, including a grocery store, to establish themselves on the west side.

I am a big proponent of smart growth. As Mayor I will work with the neighborhoods on the West side to make sure there is a strategic plan for that area. The last thing we should do is destroy open space and put in a development we regret. While development is crucial, simply permitting development without a strategic plan to meet the needs of the residents with minimal impact is a pathway to bad development, increased burden on residents, and sometimes increased taxes.

There has already been a lot of thought and work done regarding the future of the west-side housing. I appreciate what I’ve seen done by both the Mayor and City Council in talking to the west side residents about what they want to see. I will continue and encourage that dialogue as the wide side begins to grow. Frankly, what I’m hearing is that west side residents don’t want a mass of poor quality homes. People love their neighborhoods and want enough variety of housing that they can stay in their neighborhoods as their families grow. They want a healthy mix of high end homes, mixed together with various types of entry level, and affordable family housing.

Let me add as a final note; I often hear from people on the west side that they feel their concerns are not given as much weight and respect as those in other areas of our city. I think that at times that has been true. I want our west residents to know that your issues have my full attention. I feel like I will be a success as Mayor if those on the West side feel like they have been part of the process in making their neighborhood what they want it to be.