The Provo Mayoral race comes down to leadership ability and Michelle Kaufusi is the right choice. She has the temperament, vision, and inclusive leadership style Provo needs.

Much of our mayoral race recently has centered on experience. It is true, a leader should have the requisite experience to know how to get the job done. In my evaluation of the candidates, each has enough relevant experience to be effective.

But beyond that a leader needs vision and must possess those attributes that inspire others to follow. How a leader interacts with employees, vendors, constituents, peers and various stakeholders really is at the essence of how effective they will be.

No leader can know everything and therefore must surround themselves with subject experts they trust to advise them on direction and assist in managing the day to day affairs of the City. Her opponent would have us believe she already knows what needs to be done. Similar to what we’ve witnessed at the very top of our country, this type of leadership style and attitude stifles ideas and dialogue. Mrs. Kaufusi is inclusive in her leadership style. I’ve seen her, perhaps more than any candidate in recent memory, actively seeking out local subject experts to get their feedback and ideas for Provo’s next four years. And she’s actively listening to them.

This style of leadership inspires morale in the city workforce. As school board president, together with the board and district administration, she helped guide the school bond campaign which has invested millions of dollars into what was a crumbling school infrastructure.

That takes courage, not drama or grandstanding, but a lot of public outreach, consensus building and inclusive leadership. All of this resulted in what will ultimately benefit Provo’s students for decades to come.

Michelle Kaufusi has the experience, vision, temperament, and inclusive style that gives her the ability to see past the drama and do what is best for Provo. I am casting my vote for Michelle and encourage you to as well.

Ryan Frandsen, Provo resident

(This appeared in the Daily Herald on October 28,2017)