We’ve Only Just Begun!

Provo is the Safest Big City in Utah

Our Police and Fire departments are getting the facilities they need, including the fulfillment of a public safety promise with the first new fire station in 20 years. We’re adding officers at an unprecedented rate, not losing them as in other cities, and we’re providing competitive compensation to keep our highly-trained public safety personnel. Our dedication to public safety has been noticed with a ranking as the #1 Safest Big City in Utah.

Provo is Better Prepared for the Future

While fixing today’s problems, we’re also anticipating future issues and planning cost-saving solutions. In that light, we are addressing the needs of Provo’s wastewater system in a proactive manner. Using all the external funding help we can find, we are bringing it into necessary compliance while planning for growth capacity.

Provo is creating opportunities.

We have tapped external funding sources for the new Provo Airport terminal. The expansion announcement alone has already generated five new travel destinations adding convenience for citizens while strengthening our economy.

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