Public Safety

Ensuring the safety of Provo residents is fundamental for me. That’s why I’ve fostered a close relationship with our police and fire departments and fought to ensure they have the resources they need. When Police Chief Ferguson or Fire Chief Miguel have presented needs to me—whether it has been riot gear or a safe fire station—I have gotten right to work to provide those needs within existing budgets, all with an eye on the safety of the good people of Provo.

I will keep Provo safe!

Parks and Recreation

One of the things people love about Provo is the vast array of recreational opportunities here. Many of these are made possible through the great work of our dynamic Parks and Recreation Department. Our Olympic ice arena, award-winning recreation center, revitalized golf course (now known as the Timpanogos Golf Club), and beautiful trail system are just a few examples.

I’m honored to have played a part in saving our Olympic venue when it was heading to auction early in my service as your mayor. As a result, community members continue to enjoy the world-class facility, and Provo is able to be a part of Utah’s current Olympic bid.

I’m also excited about our recent acquisition of property on the west side for the development of a 100-acre sports park. This will further cement Provo’s role as a regional leader in recreation, while also attracting the sort of visitors who are so vital for our hotels, restaurants, and other businesses.

Future Foundation

Few things energize me as much as catching hold of a long-term vision and then seeing the pieces come together on it. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to be a part of some foundational pieces for Provo’s future as your mayor.

These include an airport terminal that will bring convenience to our residents and bolster our economy for decades to come, an up-to-date wastewater treatment plant, and a public safety building worthy of the good men and women who put on their uniforms each day to protect us.

It’s easy for any of us to get bogged down in the day to day. But there’s something inspiring about looking into the future. What do we need to be doing today so that we’ll be better off 30 years from now? In my work for the residents of Provo, that’s a main point of focus for me.