My vision for Provo is to keep Provo Strong.

Strong Neighborhoods

Provo’s strength is our people and vibrant neighborhoods. We care about each other and the preservation of what we cherish. Smart planning and fair enforcement will help preserve our neighborhoods.

I have enjoyed spending time in each neighborhood. Through attendance at most neighborhood meetings I have been able to learn what is unique about each neighborhood.

No other city has the gems of the unique Provo Neighborhoods. We need strong neighborhoods.

We should not approve a project that impacts neighborhoods that we regret 10 years down the road. We need to be smart in preserving the neighborhoods.

Strong Fiscal Management

It is important to remember that any tax dollars come out of your pocket. We must always balance our budgets and keep taxes & fees low. My record shows this is a priority.

We have to balance needs and wants. Just like I did when running the office of Aircom & Faxpipe and managing my family finances — needs always come before wants.

Upon election to Mayor I gathered the best and brightest minds of Provo business to review our budgets and look for savings or improvements.

Strong Economy

Provo is a great place to live, play, and work. As Mayor, I have made sure that  people know Provo is open for business. Whether for retail, tech, or start-ups, I shout from the rooftops that this is a wonderful place to set up shop.

Too often I have heard from business owners in the community and prospective owners that it is too difficult to do business in Provo so they work with Orem or Lehi. This is not acceptable. I have initiated bold changes, such as forming a Department of Development services to create a one-stop shop for businesses looking to build in Provo.

A strong economy creates jobs for our kids and grandkids.

Strong Engagement

I am committed to giving you as a Provo resident a seat at the table. Your voice will be heard. This is your city, you can participate in its decisions.

Having your voice heard creates a Strong Provo. My collaborative style will encourage more citizen engagement.

Before COVID I took the government to the neighborhoods. We held many great meetings, and after the pandemic ends – we will meet again!

Only together will we stay Provo Strong.